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26 Mar, 2016

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TensorFlow Udacity 1_notmnist - Part 2

Summary of 1_notmnist

Basically 1_notmnist is to learn how to display data in Jupyter Notebook. Besides, it also let us know on sklearn - a python machine library - so that we can then compare with TensorFlow. This is the exact ipynb file at Tensorflow Github Repo.


This is as a form of sharing and discuss on better way to solve 1_notmnist problem. Do not copy and paste directly as it does not help on improving yourself + the answer is not optimized.

The entire series of TensorFlow Udacity can be found at tensorflow-udacity tag

Solving Problem 2

# first load the pickle file, loading one for illustration purpose
t = pickle.load(open("notMNIST_large/A.pickle", "r"))
# need to use matplotlib inline if want to show at jupyter Notebook
%matplotlib inline
# plot one of image. the number 5 to be exactly
plt.imshow(t[4], interpolation='nearest')
# show the image