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27 Feb, 2016

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Sharing - Meatier - a meteor alternative


Meteor is awesome! But after 3 years, it's starting to show its age. This project is designed to showcase the exact same functionality as Meteor, but without the monolithic structure. It trades a little simplicity for a lot of flexibility.

Some of the Meatier author Thought

  • Built on Node 0.10, and that ain't changing anytime soon
  • Build system doesn't allow for code splitting (the opposite, in fact)
  • Global scope (namespacing doesn't count)
  • Goes Oprah-Christmas-special with websockets (not every person/page needs one)
  • Can't handle css-modules (CSS is all handled behind the scenes)
  • Tied to MongoDB for official support

My Opinion

Have not test the code yet, however I somewhat agree to what the author think.

I do hope this project will success, and it will be good news for the nodejs community.

Project Repo

The project repo is at