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13 Oct, 2015

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React Native iOS & Android

React Native is a hot topic recently in mobile app development world. It can be easily installed via Facebook guide.

Whats so good with it?

  • Easy + quick development: here is React Native sample project that I run in Mac Yosemite React Native AwesomeProject
  • Same language to develop iOS and Android
  • Upgrade iOS and Android as easy as PHP
    • as long as Apple approve react native app that use remote bundle file, the next update can no need go through Apple again
  • Its Javascript! Now every developer can easily take part in mobile development!
  • Native Speed
    • We all know hybrid or web view performance is not good, from a customer side of view, its always good to have a native app.

Notice for Windows User

React native is best to develop with Mac or Linux, so if you are a Windows user that want to develop react native android, a VM is needed for less hustle.