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11 Jun, 2016

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Lubuntu to replace Window

Why Lubuntu

As a developer, you must have heard of ubuntu. FYI, Lubuntu is a light weight version of Ubuntu. Using Lubuntu, you can have more control on your PC.

Advantage for replacing Windows for Lubuntu

  • Combination of Windows 7 with command line feeling
  • Directly use docker container to run application instead of virtualbox, which provide a higher speed.
  • Faster speed for most of the program, for example android-studio. This might be due to less backend application run in Windows (And it is hard to disable those application).
  • More control on the system and more debug message can be seen.

Disadvantage for using Lubuntu

  • Most gaming software run natively in windows, the worst things is I have installed lubuntu xenial 16.04LTS version and they have dropped support for my AMD RADEON graphic card model,
  • The UI is not as beautiful as Windows

Some bug Fix

  • Fix no sound
install restrict-ubuntu
  • Fix frequent crash in dell inspiron graphic card: upgrade from kernel 4.4 to kernel 4.6
  • Local Support: go to start > Preferences > Language Support
  • Unable to start docker: sudo docker daemon -D -s vfs

Some example

  • Run this blog locally
cd /e/ # contain the repo
sudo docker run -d -v "$PWD:/src" -p 4000:4000 grahamc/jekyll serve -H


If graphic card is not supported by Lubuntu, the best setup will be dual boot Lubuntu and Windows. Play games and watch movie in Windows, however do development in Lubuntu.