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09 Jul, 2016

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Loopback for NodeJS

Edit on year Jun 19, 2018

Currently favor Koa2 more

What is Loopback

In a nutshell, loopback is a NodeJS framework for building rest API server

Loopback for Full-Stack Web Development

  • Frontend: Loopback has a first class support using AngularJS 1. It comes with lb-ng tools which auto generate angular service which you might find it handy.
  • Backend: Build in swagger support, switchable database at model level and easy-to-create script such as database migration.

Advantage Of Loopback

  • Well Documented, including Android SDK, iOS SDK and Xamarin SDK.
  • IBM and the StrongLoop team are committed to maintaining and improving the LoopBack open-source project

Disadvantage Of Loopback

  • No first class support of promise yet - as in discussed in this thread
  • Postgres datasource is still lack of some feature - might have to write raw query to get the job done.
  • Rumor is Google is ditching Angular 1. Therefore there could be a hard time to upgrade to Angular 2 for Loopback.

Words of Thought

Recently I have been using Loopback a lot in my web project or as mobile application's backend server. Personally I think it is the best NodeJS framework among those I had tried - expressJS, sailsJS and meteorJs.

If you are choosing a NodeJS framework for your new project, you might as well give it a try!