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09 Jan, 2016

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Git Merging or Combining Multiple Commits

Whats The Problem

  • many commits inside a feature branch
    • small enhancement or defect fix
    • not using git stash

The Solution: Git Rebase

As in my commit message I use issue number such as #143 fix abc, therefore I set git config comment character to ";".

git config core.commentchar ";"
git log --pretty=oneline
git rebase --interactive HEAD~2

in this example, this is what you might see

pick abc2345 testing
pick def1234 latest commit

edit it to

pick abc2345 testing
s def1234 latest commit

save it and execute

git log --pretty=oneline

and you will find that the latest 2 commit has been merged to one


This is helpful if you are creating a lot of dummy commit due to minor bug fix or not git stashing.