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30 May, 2015

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Coursera course review - From Nand to Tetris

This course is From Nand to Tetris / Part I by Shimon Schocken, Noam Nisan

Course Summary

Build a modern computer system, starting from first principles. The course consists of six weekly hands-on projects that take you from constructing elementary logic gates all the way to building a fully functioning general purpose computer. In the process, you will learn -- in the most direct and intimate way -- how computers work, and how they are designed.


I think this course is great for programmer with no electrical engineering background. After taking this course, now when I do coding, I can imagine the background process done by the laptop -- logic gates, ALU, RAM, BUSES, machine language and the assembly language.


  • I did not do the assignment of this course, as it needs to install a software that chrome thinks that it is harmful.
  • This course require no hardware to start, it uses a software program to simulate and to write a logic gate. From the logic gates we build a 16 bits pc.
    • Nowadays, we are building a computer from a computer.
  • There are no part 2 yet, the book "From Nand to Tetris" should contain from assembly to tetris part.