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12 Sep, 2015

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Atom Tips Extension Base Setting

Previously when coding with Atom, there is a thing really irritating - when I code for php I have to set tab length 4 but for python or jade, I need tab length of 2.

Normally we set the tab length at File > Settings.

Problem Solving

So how to solve it? Just go to "File > Open Your Config" to open config.cson, then paste the config below.

    userId: ":)"
    showOnStartup: false
  core: {}
    invisibles: {}
    showInvisibles: true
    fontSize: 13
    zoomFontWhenCtrlScrolling: false
    showIndentGuide: true
    softWrap: true
  "tabs-to-spaces": {}
  whitespace: {}
    tabLength: 4


  • "*" is meaning wildcard for all type of file, which come along after Atom has been installed
  • ".php" means for every file extension that is php, and I set tabLength to 4 (default is 2)