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01 Aug, 2015

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Atom Review After 2 Weeks

You can view back my previous related article about atom first use review.

Configuration needed to make Atom feel better

  • Settings > show invisible (checked) : make whitespace show as ·
  • Plugins > tabs-to-spaces : convert leading tabs to spaces or spaces to tabs
  • Plugins > line-ending-converter : convert line endings(EOL) to Windows/Unix/Old Mac, and show current line ending in status bar

Useful hotkey

The full hotkey list is at File > Settings > Keybindings, below are some nice feature which other IDE sometimes lack off but is useful

  • ctrl + d : find and replace (while remain selection of previous found word)
  • ctrl + / : toggle comment according to file extension, IMO the commenting style is way better than eclipse
  • shift + tab : remove 1 tab in selected lines
  • ctrl + shift + \ : reveal active file in tree view
  • ctrl k + ctrl u : text upper case

Useful shortcut

  • right click + filename on pane > Reveal in Tree View: show the file location in tree view
  • right click + file in tree view > duplicate : duplicate the file and change to desired path
  • right click + md file > markdown preview: preview markdown in atom