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Rewriting the blog in sveltejs sapper

02 Jan, 2020

In my previous blogpost I had written on how I create a SSR app in angular. The result is quite good, however the bundle size is still quite big due to angular runtime, and the performance score in lighthouse is only 91/100, which can still be improved.

To solve this, I will have to rewrite it in SvelteJS, which shift a lot of work during compile time instead of browser, and surgically updates the DOM when the state of your app changes.

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Make REST api to partial response, just like GraphQL

30 Oct, 2018

The story begins in one day, I want to make NodeJS API endpoints like

GET /api/blogposts?fields=author{name,avatar},title,detail

and it should return me

    "author": {
        "name": "Liam Ng",
        "avatar": "https://someurl",
    "title": "blogpost title",
    "detail": "blogpost detail"
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Angular is great again - making SSR app with high performance in google lighthouse

18 Jul, 2018

While exploring the option on making a blog with content management system, I give a try on making use of koa2 + Postgres + Angular and the result turns out quite good.

Using google lighthouse to test it, resulted in 91/100 performance, 100/100 progressive web app, 100/100 accessibility, 100/100 best practices, 100/100 SEO, with the main bundle size in 775.7KB.

Rust For Web Development Part 1

01 Feb, 2018

With the asynchronous I/O libraries of Rust is mostly ready, Rust can serve web traffic without being I/O bound. However, the only downside is that framework is not mature yet.

Edit on year Jun 19, 2018

Project has been discontinued due to Rust still does not support Async/Await which i think is crucial for web development

Introduce FawkesJs

05 Feb, 2017

It has been awhile since I have been inactive in open-source world. Although nowadays trend is in VR, AI and iOT, API development is still needed.

Edit on year Jun 19, 2018

Project has been discontinued due to Koa2 + Graphql basically can do what I plan to do

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