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Google Tensor Processing Unit

20 May, 2016

If you have seen the Google's I/O 2016, you might have known about Google Tensor Processing Unit, or TPU.

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AlphaGo Win Lee Sedol, New Milestone for AI

12 Mar, 2016

Quoting from wikipedia, as of 12 Mar 2016:

AlphaGo is a computer program developed by Google DeepMind in London to play the board game Go. In October 2015, it became the first computer Go program to beat a professional human Go player without handicaps on a full-sized 19×19 board. In March 2016, it beat Lee Sedol in the first three games in a five-game match, the first time a computer Go program has beaten a 9-dan professional without handicaps.

AlphaGo's algorithm uses a combination of machine learning and tree search techniques, combined with extensive training, both from human and computer play.

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Fixing Local Jekyll after Upgrade to 3.0

05 Mar, 2016

You Can see that in my repo commit:

And to have same jekyll version with Github Page my local has updated to Jekyll 3.0 with gem update jekyll too

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Year 2015 Review

02 Jan, 2016

This article write about how I review my 2015

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XMind Mind Mapping Software

26 Dec, 2015

XMind is one of the most popular mind mapping software.

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More About My Technology Stack 2015

21 Nov, 2015

My main job at JobStreet is working as a programmer that use PHP MVC framework. To be more detail, it is developing using the Linux Apache Mysql with PHP MVC (model view controller) framework.

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Unconditional Basic Income

05 Sep, 2015

An UBI - unconditional basic income (also called basic income, basic income guarantee, universal basic income, universal demogrant, or citizen's income) is a form of social security system in which all citizens or residents of a country regularly receive an unconditional sum of money, either from a government or some other.

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84 days transformation

25 Jul, 2015

Inspired by the result of Kris Gethin 84 days transformation, I will also try to archive huge process in 84 days.