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02 Jan, 2020

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Rewriting the blog in sveltejs sapper

Rewriting the blog in sveltejs sapper

In my previous blogpost I had written on how I create a SSR app in angular. The result is quite good, however the bundle size is still quite big due to angular runtime, and the performance score in lighthouse is only 91/100, which can still be improved.

To solve this, I will have to rewrite it in SvelteJS, which shift a lot of work during compile time instead of browser, and surgically updates the DOM when the state of your app changes.

Compare to previous

  • Angular frontend: will be replaced svelteJS
  • Material Design: replaced with Bulma CSS for lower size
  • Koa backend: will be removed as I'm not really hosting it as something like wordpress
  • Minio as document backend: will be removed as I'm not really hosting it as something like wordpress
  • fancy things like hero video: removed to save user bandwidth

End Result

Now I write the blog directly in git repo, just like how I used to do it in Jekyll.

And the development and compiling is really easy, below are part of my package.json, by running npm run export, I already generated folder that I can upload to my github page.

"dev": "HOST=localhost PORT=8080 sapper dev",
"build": "sapper build --legacy",
"export": "sapper export --legacy",

The Performance

To test the performance locally, I have written a simple server to mimic github page behavior. Below is the performace result during the time I written this blogpost.

Note that the performance(93) will be improved once I host it in github page due to http/2.

  • lighthouse audit desktop simulated 4g 4x cpu slowdown 20191231_performance_lighthouse_desktop_simulated_slow_4g_4x_cpu_slowdown
  • lighthouse audit mobile simulated 4g 4x cpu slowdown 20191231_performance_lighthouse_mobile_simulated_slow_4g_4x_cpu_slowdown

Metrics in homepage

  • CSS: 19.05 KB transferred (mainly from bulma css)
  • JS: 16.35 KB transferred
  • HTML: 4.98 KB transferred
  • FONT: 22.71 KB transferred 20190102_resource_all


I'm quite happy with the current setup.

  • Compare with Angular SSR, the performance is a lot better and the bundler size is a lot smaller.
  • Compare with Jekyll, the github page feels like a SPA and able to use a lot of frontend component with npm + rollup