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05 Feb, 2017

Introduce FawkesJs

Edit on year Jun 19, 2018

Project has been discontinued due to Koa2 + Graphql basically can do what I plan to do. Looking back from now, I find that there are a lot to be improved for this project, luckily there are a lot of alternative out there and this project can be discontinued.


It has been awhile since I have been inactive in open-source world. Although nowadays trend is in VR, AI and iOT, API development is still needed.

FawkesJs is a Javascript framework that is built on top of express, typescript and MVC structure. Inspired by Laravel and Loopback, the target of the framework is to make Javascript development even easier.

Build in structure in this project

  • Express
  • Sequelize
  • Typescript
  • Swagger: use fawkesjs -s ./swagger/swagger.json to generate swagger document
  • Express Rest Param Validation: integration with swagger document generation
  • Acl (inside fawkesjs-starter/src/module)
  • AccessToken (inside fawkesjs-starter/src/module)

Why FawkesJs

  • NodeJS has good async support that PHP lack of
  • Laravel is the first choice in PHP, however NodeJS is still full of framework choices
  • Express in NodeJS is good, however its too minimalist.
  • Loopback is good, however personally I think Laravel structure is somehow better than Loopback - more organized
  • With Typescript, we can have better type checking during development time. Convenient to develop with atom
  • Name is just a symbol, its so hard to come out with a good naming
  • Rust seems promising, however I'm still waiting for Hyper to implement async IO.


  • git clone
  • follow the README