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14 Oct, 2020

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Cross Platform App For Couple Reminding Important Days

Up until recently I finally have an idea and motivation to create a cross-platform app to record moments and reminding important days between couple.

Therefore, its the best timing for me to explore the cool kid Flutter for iOS + android development.Its already in google playstore, iOS appstore still trying to get approved.

Why Flutter

Flutter is being well-known for developing app with good performance while being a cross-platform development framework. And I have done react native before, so I will like to try out Flutter this time!

Overall Experience

I'm developing with flutter 1.22 and I will say the document is quite good! Mostly due to it has been around for quite some time!

The only downside is it is using dart, which is not so common language. However it can be advantage too - Dart is type safe, unlike react native most example is using javascript, and while introduce type checking to react native, the compilation speed will increase by quite a lot.

Some holes stepped into

  1. I am using flutter local notifications, the notification is not being rescheduled once quick restart, luckily flutter plugin not so complicated and have fixed and pr merged for version 2.0.1.
  2. Have been using integration testing to take screenshot + test, however currently the flutter test driver cannot integrate with native permission popup, currently I just add default permission to both android and iOS to bypass as workaround.

Last but not least

For those who are not single and want to record important moment with your girlfriend/boyfriend, kindly download this Ads free app at google playstore.

Rating and feedback is appreciated. There will be more updates coming in.